Simple Gulp blog

Looking at the tech available when building this blog I looked at a quite a few static site building packages. There seemed to be a minefield of trendy JS libraries claiming to be the ultimate solution for static site generation.

Yet I was turned off by all the command line interfaces and the lack of knowledge of whats happening under the hood. It felt like a needless learning curve for a bunch of tech I already know.

Instead of using any of them I went with a custom solution built on top of Gulp. All I wanted was a listing of my blog posts and some simple templating.

To do so I use a few packages to parse the front matter and inject it into my pages using EJS.

All I do to publish a new blog post is create the file and push the commit. In the end I have a timeless build system which integrates perfectly with Netlify for free hosting.

Check out my gulp file

You can find the full source of this blog on GitHub.