There's not enough niches for the average indie hacker

Software products on the internet scale incredibly well. A product by a single person can fulfill a need for millions of people.

Best products are 'winner takes all' because the best products rise to the top of search rankings, and get the most mind share.

The average person doesn't need many software products in their life. They just don't have that many problems.

As a result the average indie marker will really struggle to come up with a viable, lucrative and in-demand product idea.

This leads to the creation of more of the same average or trendy products. A classic is the to-do app. Another common path is to follow a popular trend. Currently that's building a GP-3 content writer or a podcasting tool.

To escape this you need better ideas.

To get better ideas you need unique experiences, perspectives and knowledge.

The question then becomes: How do you become more unique and gain unique perspectives?

I don't have the answer here.

I think it's a lot easier to live a unique life when you're financially independent or you have the opportunity to take on more risk. When you're young, for example.

And that once you start to lead a unique life it's easier to then do more unique stuff.